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Meet the Pack Leader:
Bob Laut – Animal Behavior Expert

bob_laut_1bob_laut_2Our Pack Leader Bob Laut is at the center of what we do at Midwest Mastiff Rescue. Bob strives for a 100% no return rate by helping an unbalanced dog live a happier, balanced life while also educating the adopters.

K-9 Pack Leader’s mission is to reduce the overwhelming number of dogs euthanized, due to the owners lack of knowledge of their dog’s psychology. Our goal is to help people realize that giving their companion up to a high-kill shelter, when they are having behavior issues is not the only option. Any companion without rules, boundaries and limitations can and likely will develop behavior issues. This does not make them a bad dog, but unbalanced.

From childhood I was raised, in St. Louis, around dogs and was taught at an early age, the benefits of having a pack leader state of mind. It was during this time, I learned how to communicate with dogs in a way that they can understand. Every companion I have had leadership of, has been an exceptional dog and incredibly well-behaved. As a result, my friends and relatives would often ask for advice when their companions had a behavior issue.

We specialize in rescue companions and work with many different animal rescue organizations, across the mid-west. One of my desires is to be able to rehabilitate dogs with questionable futures then, pair them with teens and young adults who may also have questionable futures and let them help each other. We would like to donate the rehabilitated companions to returning veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Allowing a brighter future for the dog and the heroes who have fought for our security and freedom.

Some of our awesome Volunteers and Fosters

Terri Runte IL
Mary and Jim Tewhey IL
Sarah Podolak IL
Peggi Hattaway IL
Lyle James  IL
Cindy and Gary Ingles IL
Mary Jo Armstrong IL

Pam Gilbert MO
Bridget and Rich Eder  MO
Dean Fritz  MO
Bob Laut  MO
Josh Usry  MO
April Kile Foster  MO
Maria Vera MO
Debbie Morris MO

Greg Baur WI
Jennifer Schuster Yanke WI

Mike Ezkorn IN

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